On rubber rollers through the world!

Boah .. another website with stupid travel reports and boring landscape pictures, does now one or the other probably think.

Well, he might be right. But it is precisely those sites that spark the desire to travel with the motorbike and / or serve as inspiration to find new destinations or to discover well-known destinations for their motorcycle tours again.

Sites such as those of Erik Petersen, (motorbike traveler), Panny and Simone (Krad-Vagabunden) or Bea & Helle (TimeToRide) who make us want to travel around the world. To be on the road in the world and to experience small, as well as great adventures. (See also our link page)

The World is just like a book, who never travel around, will only see one page!

This quote from Augustus Aurelius already tells us a lot about why we love traveling with a motorbike.
Accompany us on the journeys and with what we have experienced there and will still experience.

Motorcycle trip around the World

Motorcycling means for us to experience the world differently as it is when traveling by car. The nature and its influence intense feel.

However, we would like to visit the different countries we visit, not only to explore as much as possible of their beautiful landscapes, but also to get to know different cultures and people, even within a country.

We would like to share these experiences with you and take you through these pages and the block with you on small and big adventures.

We would like to inspire and motivate you to realize your dream of a world trip by sharing our experiences and experiences with you.

Many of you will be like us, that the safety of the working world does not really make us decide to start a round the world.

But do we have to? Can we not begin to get the world first in our nearest environment? First to discover the beauty of our own country? To see the beauties of our neighbors to the extent to which the holiday period allows us to carry out the motorcycle trip?

Discovering the world .. we can do that .. Step by step .. Kilometers for kilometers .. ever more …

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Have fun while reading!

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